Compresseur Silencieux Sans Huile LMO 50-270 8 bar 2 ch/1.5 kW 185 l/min 50 L

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Référence 36504
EAN 8712418394283
Poids 55,00
Longueur, largeur, hauteur (cm) 78,5 x 35,5 x 66,0
Charge de travail (% travail / repos) 20/80
Démarreur Direct
Entrainement Entraînement direct 1:1
Cylindres 4
Alimentation (V) 230 V / 50 Hz / 1 Ph
Réservoir d'air Oui
Capacité de la cuve (l) 50
Cuve galvanisée Non
Débit d'air aspiré (l/min) 256
Débit d'air restitué (l/min) 185
Débit d'air restitué (m3/h) 11.1
Pression maximale (bar) 8
Niveau sonore dB(A) (0 m) 72
Niveau sonore dB(A) (4 m) 52
Niveau sonore dB(A) (7 m) 47
Silencieux Oui
Raccord sortie d'air (") EURO/ORION
Nombre de raccords 1
Raccord sortie d'air direct ("") -
Nombre de raccords avec réducteur de pression 1
Sans huile Oui
Filtre avec reducteur Oui
Vitesse de la pompe (tr/min) 1450
Puissance moteur (ch/kW) 2.0 ch / 1.5 kW
Roue(s) Oui
Refroidisseur intermédiaire Non
Refroidisseur de sortie Non

Les avantages et inconvénients selon nos experts

  • The reduced sound pressure level makes the LMO 50-270 much quieter than other piston compressors - you can work safely and comfortably even in small, enclosed spaces and in close proximity to people.
  • The construction and dimensions of the device allow it to be easily transported - you are buying a professional portable compressor, which you can use wherever you need access to compressed air at the moment.
  • 2 motors with a total power of 2 hp, integrated with two 2-piston blocks provide an above-average efficiency and quick filling of the pressure tank - you can use the compressor in more demanding and intensive works with pneumatic tools.
  • Advanced oil-free technology further extends the compressor's usage spectrum - perfect for situations where you need contaminant-free, high-quality compressed air.
  • Not designed for use in continuous operation.
  • If you're looking for a piston compressor with a larger capacity tank, check out our LMO 196X2-100 oil-free compressor set on a 100-liter pressure tank.
  • Do you need a professional machine for industrial use? Have a look at our K 200-600 compressor on a 200-liter pressure tank.


Description du compresseur Silencieux Sans Huile LMO 50-270 8 bar 2 ch/1.5 kW 185 l/min 50 L

LMO 50-270 - oil-free compressor to meet your expectations

Are you interested in an economical piston compressor for both smaller and more advanced applications? Are you looking for an optimal solution that will allow you to produce contaminant-free compressed air in non-stationary mode, while maintaining satisfactory performance and extended operation time? We have created it!

The LMO 50-270 is a state-of-the-art oil-free compressor with technical parameters unparalleled in this class of equipment. It has been designed with the diverse needs of piston compressor users in mind, to give you the widest possible spectrum of possibilities and greater freedom of operation. Thanks to the use of innovative construction and the highest quality components, we managed to combine the best features of oil and oil-free compressors in one device!

You don't have to sacrifice power, performance and longevity when you choose quiet, compact and portable equipment that provides you with compressed air free from even trace amounts of oil. Our oil-free, 4-piston, direct-drive compressor with a 50-litre horizontal tank delivers 185 litres per minute at a maximum working pressure of 8 bar - it's up to 20-30% more than most standard compressors of this type on the market. All this to offer you a reliable and most efficient oil-free compressor, which can also meet higher demands.

Check out the impressive capabilities of the LMO 50-270 and you won't want to replace it with any other!

Oil-free compressors are not very popular among more advanced users. They are usually equipped with lower horsepower engines and low capacity pressure tanks, which makes them considered inefficient, impractical and less durable. Being fully aware of the main objections that are usually made against oil-free compressors, we decided to take up the challenge and create a model that will dispel the myth of only amateur use of this type of equipment. Good for pumping and blowing, but for nothing else? Meet 4-cylinder oil-free compressor LMO 50-270 from Airpress and you will change your mind!

The quiet compressor for special tasks

"The LMO 50-270 is an oil-free compressor unlike any other! This is due to its innovative design and unique features, which make it an extremely attractive alternative to both oil-free and oil-based compressors. The compression mechanism was armed with 2 electric motors connected by direct drive to two piston blocks, 2 pistons in each. As a result, the power generated by them was able to be increased to 2 hp, which significantly increases the utility value of the device. The use of a new generation of oil-free LMO piston pumps has allowed us to reduce the rotational speed to just 1450 rpm, which is almost half that of competing units of its kind. This also has a positive effect on its service life - the compressor is much more robust and durable than its standard counterparts. The lower RPM means lower component temperatures, which, combined with the highly efficient cooling system, means that the compression/cooling ratio is comparable to that of higher class professional compressors. All these solutions made it possible to increase the effective capacity to 185 l/min. Thanks to this you can successfully use it for much more advanced tasks in which typical oil-free compressors prove useless, and for which oil compressors are not necessarily suitable. By lowering the rotational speed, the noise level has been reduced to a maximum of 72 dB(A). At a distance of 4 meters from the compressor, the sound pressure level drops to 52 dB(A). This makes it safe for you and comfortable for others to use the equipment. You can safely work in places where excessive noise is harmful or not recommended. If you want to work efficiently with compressed air even in small enclosed spaces or in the close vicinity of residential buildings, schools, kindergartens and other noise-sensitive areas - the whisper-quiet LMO 50-270 compressor is made exactly for you!

Fields of application:

  • inflating tires
  • blowouts, including electronic equipment
  • cleaning surfaces before painting
  • spray painting
  • varnishing small surfaces
  • supplying pneumatic tools
  • filling hydrophores for drinking water

Best suited for:

  • households and garages
  • car repair workshops
  • construction and renovation companies
  • vulcanizers
  • varnishing workshops
  • art studios


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